MeJulesOK Ver 2.0 (16)

Haven’t been very active here, same over at Facebook.

It’s been nearly 3 months since i posted and spammed your feeds, time flies. I sort of wanted the year to end so i could start again. Even though there has been no posts in that time i’ve certainly been busy in the kitchen, the books and the supermarkets.
We’ll probably go in a new direction this year and see how it goes. Looking forward to posting up some of my favourite dishes, ingredients, tips, pictures, recipes and so on.
I get a little Facebook-phobia pushing all this crap into your face all the time but it’s something i like to do, so if you’re not really into the constant pics and tips to come you know what to do. I won’t hunt you down.
The idea of ‘version 2.0 (16)’ sort of just popped into my head and i thought it was funny. Small things amuse small minds. How’s my leet, 5 minutes Photoshop of the new Cover Page? Hehe

Geez i'm clever ;)
Geez i’m clever 😉

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