Kaffir Lime Cake

I’ve been  meaning to use those, more often than not, wasted kaffir limes on my parents trees for years now. Next time i say, next time.

I know the zest can be used in curry pastes and that at first was my intention. But i hadn’t baked in a while and i just searched for recipes for cakes that could make best use of the limes. In this recipe the zest is used in the cake and the lime juice in the syrup.

I was a bit dubious on the method of bringing the cake together, using a food processor? I hadn’t done that before but i had to stick to the recipe.

Anyway, it was an amazing cake. The unique flavour of the kaffir limes shone through, the cake itself was moist and had fabulous texture. Ange gave some to her friend and husband to try and they were still raving about it days later. Best thing is to cook it for yourself because you’ll be craving a piece every night of the week after dinner, i know i did 🙂

I got the recipe from Lemonpi here. Thanks.

I cooked it for a bit less than recommended, about 45minutes. Just check to see if it’s done, you don’t want it to burn. I used half kaffir lime and normal lime juice for my syrup.

I want some right now actually!
I want some right now actually!



Chocolate peanut butter cheesecake

When i have  guests over for dinner i always enjoy ‘wowing’ them with something both visually and on the taste buds. And with this fabulous cheesecake i achieved both.

My first attempt at a cheesecake and i was pretty proud of it even though i had to use the wrong size pan! I used a 23cm pan when it required a 20cm pan, (didn’t have a 20).

All the sweet stuff :)
All the sweet stuff 🙂

First things first; get the food processor out and process the biscuits to fine crumbs then add the butter to combine. Grease and line a 20cm springform pan and press the base and sides with the base mix. Place in the fridge to chill for 30minutes.

On go Reese's peanut butter cups :)
On go Reese’s peanut butter cups 🙂

Gently spread the peanut butter over the chocolate base and then arrange your peanut butter cups.

Process the cream cheese, cream and 
1⁄4 cup of the caster sugar in a food processor until smooth. Add the melted white chocolate. Process until well combined. Good tip is to chop the cream cheese into cubes so it will process better and it’s very important it’s at room temperature.

Pile on some of the cheesecake mixture and cover the peanut butter cups. Arrange a second layer of cups in different positions to the layer below and then spoon in the remaining mixture to cover the cups. Place in fridge for 6 hours to chill.

Now you can make the peanut brittle.


Heat 1 cup of caster sugar in a small saucepan and let the sugar dissolve. Make sure the heat isn’t too high or you will burn the sugar and it will taste very bitter. Lay the roasted salted peanuts on a baking tray lined with baking paper. When the sugar is dissolved and turned a beautiful caramel colour pour over the peanuts and put aside to set.

Hmmm, yummo right?
Hmmm, yummo right?

Serve how you see fit with the peanut brittle 🙂

Slice and enjoy the surprise peanut butter cups inside. Everyone will love it just like everyone who tasted this one!

I got this recipe from taste.com.au

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake




Green tea cake

Nice, wet and grey in Sydney today so good excuse to bake. Umm, i was going to bake anyway, so yeah 🙂 
Had this one in my sights for a while. Just had to track down the green tea powder. Very moreish.

Bottom was a bit burnt surprisingly but it was light and fluffy in the centre, it was hard not to cut off another slice. Well, more than twice 🙂


The recipe if you get the urge to try it :)
The recipe if you get the urge to try it 🙂

You can find the green tea and green tea powder in Asian supermarkets. You need the ‘cook with’ green tea powder. About $10 for both.

I have a lot of green tea to drink ;)
I have a lot of green tea to drink 😉

Carrot cake

Another dish from the Delicious magazine and this time it’s some baking. I always look forward to baking somewhat simple cakes and this is definitely one of them. The recipe itself is quite easy it’s just the preparation that takes the time such as finely grating three carrots. I don’t mind 🙂

Finally finished grating all that carrot :)
Finally finished grating all that carrot 🙂

Beat three eggs, 175ml sunflower oil and 180g of brown sugar in a bowl. Stir in three finely grated carrots and the zest of one orange. Sift in 180g of self raising flour, 1tsp bi carb soda, 1tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp grated nutmeg and finally add 1/2 cup of chopped toasted walnuts, stirring gently to combine. I greased and lined a 23cm baking tray and cooked in a 180degC preheated oven for about 40-45mins,

Ahhh, cooled and ready to eat :)
Ahhh, cooled and ready to eat 🙂

I made some candied carrot for the top. Cup of caster sugar and 2 carrots, peeled and this time i grated them coarsely. I did one batch that you see on the cake now and with the leftovers i let reduce further for about 30mins for a more intense flavour 🙂

Ok, now the ‘guess that thing’ question from Facebook.

It’s a Jujube hah, bet you had never heard of them? Neither had i until i saw them on Landline a few weeks ago and then i saw them yesterday over at Chatswood. Have the texture and taste of an apple. Very interesting.