Seafood Sunday

Seafood Sunday is quite a common thing for us. A chance to serve up a few small dishes throughout the afternoon and evening. All 3 of these dishes were amazing and all i’d never cooked before. The scallops one though was the knockout, wow, so simple but so gooood 🙂
Can you believe it? There’s no oysters for once!

Crispy goodness :)
Crispy goodness 🙂

Whitebait fries with OLD BAY® Seasoning.
I haven’t made these for a couple of years now and after having these i don’t know why? So crispy, lots of taste and with the addition of Old Bay and lemon they were superb.

Recipe based off of this one, i just replaced the cayenne with Old Bay and then additional Old Bay on serving.

Whitebait fries recipe.

Less is more with these delicious plates of lush.
Less is more with these delicious plates of lush.

I still had some leek and tarragon from my parents garden and didn’t want  them to go to waste. What a way to serve it. From Manu Feildel‘s cookbook, French Bistro. This simple yet beautiful dish had us licking each empty shell for just a little bit more sauce. This one will definitely be going on our regular menu.

And finally, pippi’s with celery and peas.

I’d been watching Good Chef Bad Chef in the morning while looking for something to cook, at first Adrian was cooking lobster and i was certain that was what i was going to do. Then Zoe cooked these yummy clams and when cost came into consideration this one got the nod. I’d been eyeing off pippi’s for quite a while and that helped sway my decision also.

Wonderful broth, every pippi opened and eaten and served with some toasted sourdough. The inclusion of the celery was fantastic.

Recipe for Clams with celery and peas.

I've got my eyes on the sauce at the bottom, hehe.
I’ve got my eyes on the sauce at the bottom, hehe.

You know, all that seafood cost us $20. With a few extra groceries it’s an affordable afternoon of fantastic seafood. Accompanied by a cold crisp Riesling? Oh yeah 🙂