Roasted Garlic Dip

Whenever i do a chicken on the BBQ, whether it be rotisserie or beer can i always seem to do similar variations of the same side dishes, not today though! I spent the morning looking at tapas style dishes and then headed out to get the ingredients. I spent the afternoon cooking and making two dishes so that when it was serving time they were already completed.

The first dish i started was a roasted garlic dip. This was to be served with potato wedges and i love dips!

1 garlic Β bulb, separated into cloves, unpeeled.

1/2 tbs olive oil.

35ml of either natural yogurt or sour cream. I used Greek yogurt as I had some leftover.

30ml mayonnaise, (add to taste).

salt and paprika.

Place the garlic cloves into a small roasting tray, pour in the olive oil and coat them. Spread them out in an even layer. Roast in a 200degC preheated oven for 25mins. Set aside to cool.

Squeeze the roasted garlic from the skin by pinching off the end of the clove. On a chopping board add a little salt to the garlic and mash to a paste. Scrape into a bowl and stir in the mayonnaise and cream/yogurt. The mayonnaise can dominate so be aware when adding. Season to taste with salt and paprika. Can then be plastic wrapped and kept in the fridge until serving. Sprinkle a little more paprika when served.

I also made roasted peppers with Β maple syrup and almonds earlier in the afternoon. This was served at room temperature and it was sublime!

Finally, at the table the gorgeously cooked chicken was served with arguably the best potato wedges i’d ever had, Angela agreed! And sauteed garlic mushrooms. So good man.

No good pics of the wedges or chicken. It’s always such a rush to get it served and to the table hot! Plus i’m hungry yo! πŸ˜‰

We had leftovers too so we’re having the same dish tonight, just have to make a few more wedges. Ahhh.

Triple treat!

Earlier in the afternoon we had a mad storm. Nothing like a thunder and lightning show on a Sunday afternoon. We just sat outside with our wines, one of life’s simple pleasures. The next door neighbour’s dog was scared of all the thunder and sat under Angela’s chair. Think she liked Angela cause she gave her some ham, she looked hungry!

As added bonus i didn’t have to water any plants! Hah

Stormy Sunday!

A good day. Till next time!


BBQ leg of goat

I walked past our butcher at Top Ryde a while ago and saw this leg of goat and had to buy it. It’s been in the freezer since then and today this bad boy is hitting the BBQ.


Season with salt and pepper then sprinkle over the chopped rosemary, garlic and sage and finally pour over 5 tbs of olive oil.


All the vegetables that will be cooking with the goat, (plus some fennel!).
All the vegetables that will be cooking with the goat, (plus some fennel!).

Boil the new potatoes, carrots and pickling onions for 10 minutes in separate pots.


The goat had been on the BBQ for about 20 minutes before adding the vegetables. I basted the goat and tossed the vegetables every 20-30 minutes from then on.


The Silver Spoon - the ultimate Italian cook book :)
The Silver Spoon – the ultimate Italian cook book πŸ™‚

The vegetables were beautifully soft and caramelised.


You try to compare the goat to either beef or lamb but the best thing to do is accept it as goat’s meat haha, I’ve never had it BBQ’d this way and then trying to carve it from the bone. Great fun. The vegetables were the star of the dish though. Unbelievable.Β 


Sit down with a full belly and enjoy one of these
Sit down with a full belly and enjoy one of these


Steak & Vege – Jules style

It’s the old saying, ‘steak & vege’, but it’s never that simple at our place πŸ™‚

Tonight’s dinner was more about using what we had in the fridge. It was going to be a rainy night and i love being outside on the BBQ when it’s raining, so mix those two things together and revolve a meal around it.

Firstly i made some kale chips, i had an idea for them for the dish.

We had kale, corn, fennel and brussels sprouts left from the markets, plus some tomatoes my Mum gave me. I bought a capsicum and i roasted that on the coals of the BBQ until it was black then i put it in a bowl with glad wrap over the top to steam.

Ahh night photo's, how i loath thee.
Ahh night photo’s, how i loath thee.

I roasted the corn, fennel and tomatoes all separately on the grill over the coals. Once the corn had cooled i cut off the kernels. I chopped up all the roast vegetables and put them in the bowl, added some extra virgin olive oil, some chopped parsley, salt, pepper and combined and set aside. Step two done.

OK, i boiled the brussels sprouts and kale separately until cooked, drained and cooled.

I'm just loving kale as you might of guessed.
I’m just loving kale as you might of guessed.

I heated some olive oil in a pan and added some chopped onion, then heated up the kale and sprouts, after a few minutes removed the greens and added the cream until it boiled, then put the greens back in with the blue cheese, (crumbly), and stirred it around to mix, melting the cheese in. This can be kept warm on a low heat. Step 3 done.

Even tasting this the next day it was heavenly. Me saying that about blue cheese? Hmmm
Even tasting this the next day it was heavenly. Me saying that about blue cheese? Hmmm

I added more coals to the BBQ beforehand to get the heat going again for the steak. I bought a big rib eye at our new butchers in Macquarie Centre, yummo! This was seasoned and oiled as usual and left at room temperature before cooking. I oiled the grill and put the bad boy right over the heat. I’d never done a steak this size on heat this way, so we’ll see what happens.

Steak all cooked and left to rest while i plate up. For something i knocked up i was pretty impressed, tasted wonderful. Steak maybe slightly overcooked but no problem there. Got a little influence from Neil Perry on the roast vege salad that i saw on the weekend and Curtis Stone influenced creamed kale and brussels sprouts.
Crumble some extra blue cheese on the creamed greens when serving.

I walked in the door at 5pm, straight into the kitchen and finally sat down and watched TV at 8:30pm, there is sit down for dinner in there but as i’ve said before, ‘i don’t know why i do it to myself’ haha

Congrats to you if you just read all that. Give yourself a swing of red.Β 

Rib eye with creamed greens, roasted vege salad and kale chips.


Simple steak and vege? Snnnn, yeah right :)
Simple steak and vege? Snnnn, yeah right πŸ™‚



Beer Can Chicken

I haven’t done a beer can chicken for quite a while now and we had a chicken sitting in the freezer so what better way to put it to use than to stick a beer can up its rear and roast it πŸ™‚

This is where we start :)
This is where we start πŸ™‚

Next we need to prepare the spice mix to rub over the chicken.

1/4 cup of brown sugar, sea salt and paprika, ( i used hot paprika) and then finally 2tbs of freshly ground black pepper. This makes quite a bit and you will have heaps left over but if it’s stored correctly it will last 6 months.

I couldn't help but dip my finger in several times to taste it.
I couldn’t help but dip my finger in several times to taste it.

Prepare the chicken by cleaning out the cavity, cutting the skin around the neck and rear end and then patting dry inside and out. Sprinkle some spice mix inside the chicken, pour over 2tsp of vegetable oil and rub 1tbs of spice mix into the bird, (i used a bit more). Drink half of the beer in a speedy fashion then add 1tsp of the spice mix to the can and then place the chicken onto the can.

hehe, funny huh :)
hehe, funny huh πŸ™‚

I’m also doing two types of potatoes; one wrapped in a few layers of foil with some butter, salt, pepper and garlic powder placed over the coals on the BBQ and the second batch roasted in some duck fat in the oven. I par boiled the potatoes before roasting.

We got these 'emma' potatoes from the markets the other day.
We got these ’emma’ potatoes from the markets the other day.

Angela demanded we have greens, Β kale we bought on the weekend with some broad beans and peas. I blanched each one up separately and i will put them all in the fry pan with some extra virgin olive oil at the end to warm them up. We also got some corn and i am going to roast that over the coals just before serving with some of the best butter i’ve ever tasted.

As green as it gets.
As green as it gets.

I cooked the chicken for a bit over an hour, turning it a couple times so it didn’t burn on one side. Looking pretty yummy i reckon πŸ™‚



How good do the roast potatoes cooked in duck fat look? πŸ™‚

So crispy and fluffy in the middle.
So crispy and fluffy in the middle.

I put myself under the hammer with this meal, luckily Angela helped me out here and there, way too many dishes but when i get started it’s hard to stop haha. Anyway, the whole dish was amazing. I really pigged out. Angela bought some fresh bread rolls. Opened mine up, spread some butter on it, put on some chicken breast meat, some of the vegetables and also some of the potato roasted on the BBQ and had a stunning sandwich.

Leftovers today, WOOHOO!

Very scenic :)
Very scenic πŸ™‚
Time to dig in :)
Time to dig in πŸ™‚

Something a little simpler tonight, pasta πŸ™‚