Kaffir Lime Cake

I’ve been  meaning to use those, more often than not, wasted kaffir limes on my parents trees for years now. Next time i say, next time.

I know the zest can be used in curry pastes and that at first was my intention. But i hadn’t baked in a while and i just searched for recipes for cakes that could make best use of the limes. In this recipe the zest is used in the cake and the lime juice in the syrup.

I was a bit dubious on the method of bringing the cake together, using a food processor? I hadn’t done that before but i had to stick to the recipe.

Anyway, it was an amazing cake. The unique flavour of the kaffir limes shone through, the cake itself was moist and had fabulous texture. Ange gave some to her friend and husband to try and they were still raving about it days later. Best thing is to cook it for yourself because you’ll be craving a piece every night of the week after dinner, i know i did 🙂

I got the recipe from Lemonpi here. Thanks.

I cooked it for a bit less than recommended, about 45minutes. Just check to see if it’s done, you don’t want it to burn. I used half kaffir lime and normal lime juice for my syrup.

I want some right now actually!
I want some right now actually!