Two nights with Venison

After a massive birthday weekend, (just like it should be), i got the chance to cook up something Sunday night.

After a quick visit to my sister’s house yesterday she dug up and chopped up some carrots and herbs for me, puurfect.

So French to have two wonderful sauces on the plate at once. No one was better than the other, so moreish and for a sauce junkie like me i was in heaven. The venison was quite rare, so the texture was interesting. Ange loved it though. Another of Manu’s recipe’s.

Fillet of venison with pepper sauce and pumpkin puree.

Two amazing sauces.
Two amazing sauces.

Venison night two.

Ok, going places i’ve never been before, raw vension served as tartare. When we originally bought this fillet i’d planned on making this dish and tonight’s the night. Matched with plenty of condiments i’d figured it would take my mind off the nature of what i was eating.

There was no fat what so ever in this fillet, just dark red, lean meat. I topped mine with a raw duck egg yolk. You really wouldn’t know the difference to a cooked one.
I served it with some chips hehe
The finely diced venison was mixed with some chopped cornichons, capers, eschalots and parsley.

Fries and condiments galore!
Fries and condiments galore!

I quite liked it, i ignored the texture and actually finished quite a large serving. It was nice with all the different condiments such as Tabasco, ketchup, Worcestershire, Dijon mustard, horseradish, and crushed juniper berries.

What do you think?

Venison Tartare.

Duck egg yolk, yummm.
Duck egg yolk, yummm.

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